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The Giggle Gallery by L'Oree

Welcome to The Giggle Gallery! Official site for Photography by L'Oree Spina, Sonoma, CA.
About The Giggle Gallery:
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(First name; Pronounced Loray)
L'Oree is a freelance photographer, doing business as The Giggle Gallery, since 2002. experienced in Wedding photgraphy (Love story), event photos, portraits, school, sports, product, real estate, travel, FUNtography parties, fine art and stock images.
L'Oree's passion for photography first began when she was given an antique 35mm Nikkormat camera by her Grandfather as a teen. Immediately taking to it, she sought out an early career and continued a self-taught education via experience with film, editing, digital technology, and support from professional photographers and business pros. Through her disciplined study and love of the art, Loree has been "giving a giggle" by professionally photographing people, their relationships and events, for over 20 years!
She enjoys sharing her talent and time by supporting young artists in her community. She does this by volunteering and teaching visual arts in schools, taking apprentices on real jobs, encouraging them into their own creative careers.
L'Oree strives to impact people with her work, and with her relationships. She works with each client personally- so they have her attention to detail through the whole process. This is to ensure them the most exceptional experience and customer service. Each session is designed to be as unique as we all are. Giggles Guaranteed!
Contact L'Oree directly for more info.
Enjoy- and remember to give a Giggle!

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